SoundCloud Kicks Off New “Turn Up the Vote” Campaign to Turn Out the Youth Vote

“Turn Up the Vote” hub launches today backed by community outreach campaign across SoundCloud through November 3, 2020

Monday, September 21, 2020, NEW YORK -- Young American voters are a growing electoral force and have the power to drive historic voter turnout in the U.S. this election day and beyond. SoundCloud’s new non-partisan, pro-democracy “Turn Up the Vote” campaign wants to help them do this.  

As part of its mission to empower its community, SoundCloud is using its platform to encourage young voters to make their voices heard in the most powerful way possible -- by exercising their right to vote. “Turn Up the Vote” is a multi-phased campaign focused on key actions young voters need to take to get registered, get informed and vote.

SoundCloud has teamed up with HeadCount, a nonprofit leader in youth civic participation, to create a dedicated, streamlined voting resource hub, “Turn Up the Vote.” With an emphasis on voter registration and early voting, the hub will help make the complex, state-by-state voting process easier for new and first time voters. 

“Turn Up the Vote” will ride along with the SoundCloud community, staying by their side from now through election day with a six-week community outreach push to the “Turn Up the Vote” hub.  Outreach will spread on SoundCloud and across all of its owned and operated channels, including a special on-platform advertising PSA campaign launching in October.

Young voters are only just starting to tap the significant amount of voting power they have.  1 in 10 eligible voters in the U.S. are under 25 and growing each year.  Generation Z is the largest and most diverse generation ever and they represent nearly half of SoundCloud’s U.S. audience.  “Turn Up the Vote” will be there to support them in 2020 and beyond as an annual, non-partisan, pro-democracy campaign for new and first time voters.  

“Turn Up the Vote” will also turn out the vote at SoundCloud with election day now an annual paid holiday for U.S. employees to take time off to vote and engage in civic activities.

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