Repost Inks A&R Partnerships with Linda Perry, Nappy Boy Entertainment, CAD Management, and UVC

Custom partnerships with leading artist management companies to provide industry-leading services for independent artists to grow on their own terms

Los Angeles, May 25, 2021 -- Repost, the distribution and creator services division of SoundCloud, has announced a slate of new partnerships with music producers and leading entertainment companies to create customized creator service programs to develop a new roster of promising independent artists. Among these are songwriter and producer Linda Perry, T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment, CAD Management, and rising multimedia music platform UVC.

“SoundCloud is where so many truly promising artists and tomorrow’s stars take their first career steps,” says Jeff Ponchick, Vice President and Head of Repost. “These new development partnerships bring together our unique capabilities to invest in artists careers early on -- partnering them with industry pros to turn artist inspirations into a reality and help build their business in meaningful and measurable ways.”

These partnerships bring together influential music development experts with a track record for identifying and breaking tomorrow’s future stars with Repost’s leading artist services. Backed by a dedicated team of industry experts, Repost will work directly with each partner to develop tailor-made marketing and distribution plans to support breaking artists and help them grow their careers on and off SoundCloud. Select services include audience development, digital distribution to all major music streaming platforms, monetization through SoundCloud’s recently launched fan-powered royalties program, publicity support, opportunities around brand partnerships and creative sync licensing, and more.  

“Whether they’re on the cusp of stardom, or at the forefront of new communities shaping the future of music, each of these artists are deeply engaged with their fan communities,” said Edgel Groves, Director of A&R at Repost. “We are honoured and excited to support them in deepening these connections and grow their fanbase at such a pivotal time in their careers.”

Linda Perry, songwriting powerhouse and pioneering producer behind pivotal career-defining songs and albums for some of the most influential artists (Pink, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani) will partner with the Repost team to discover and co-develop new talent. Perry is one of the most respected figures in the business side of music and recognized for her work to empower independent artists. Repost will first work with Perry and artist Frances Lion, a British singer-songwriter known for her bluesy, soulful vocals and wordsmithing. 

“I’m always ready to jump on board when I see a company supporting the independence of an artist, and when I heard of the changes SoundCloud wanted to make to support emerging talent, I immediately said ‘Count me in’,” says Linda Perry. “We will be focusing on the ART and the ARTIST not just the numbers, and we will support the BIGGER PICTURE not just the soundbite. Anyone that knows me knows that I am always fighting to preserve the art of music, and this partnership is a great fit to make that happen.”

Nappy Boy Entertainment, founded by influential R&B and hip-hop artist T-Pain, this record label’s roster has included numerous prominent artists such as Chayo Nash, Piao, and Young Cash. Repost and Nappy Boy Entertainment will support artist and producer SprngBrk, already a multi-platinum singles hitmaker who has collaborated with artists like Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Drake and many more. Kicking off the partnership, today SprngBrk released a brand new single "Pride" out now on SoundCloud and all major streaming platforms. 

“I’m mega excited about partnering up with Repost. I can already see how diligent their team is,” says T-Pain. “I think this will be the start to a great relationship with SoundCloud/Repost and Nappy Boy Entertainment.”

CAD Management advises in the development and growth of artists, brands, and content creators with a goal to build monetizable business models for long-term success through a “chief operating officer” lens. Repost will work with CAD on a campaign for rising singer-songwriter, Maria Lynn


UVC is an emerging multimedia music platform that is making a name for itself in the world of genre-bending pop. In the partnership with UVC, Repost will work with a number of artists at the forefront of the rising digicore scene. This year SoundCloud released a short film about the digicore community as part of its original docu series “SCENES” spotlighting culture-shifting communities and collectives thriving on the platform. 


About Repost:

Created for serious artists who want to take their career to the next level while staying independent, Repost gives any artist access to professional marketing and monetization services and industry-leading distribution features. Artists getting traction through Repost could be eligible for the invite-only program, Repost Select – a program for professional artists who want to unlock their potential and take their music career full time. Repost Select offers support from a team of experts, first access to premium promotional opportunities, prime placement on music services and radio stations, and top consideration for funding and advances. To date, Repost has generated over 40MM in royalties for artists and grown the number of independent artists monetizing on SoundCloud to over 100K. For more information, visit:

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