SoundCloud Brings Back Comments on Mobile

New user experience makes it easier than ever for creators and listeners to connect

*Click here to see artists DRAM, Queen Naija, and Fat Nick talk about why they love comments on mobile.

August 7, 2018, NEW YORK -- SoundCloud is making it easier than ever for creators and listeners to connect anytime, anywhere with the relaunch of its commenting feature on mobile -- complete with a new user experience on iOS and Android.

Commenting is a core social feature on SoundCloud, with millions of comments shared each month. The new mobile experience lets creators and fans comment at a specific time on a track, right on their phone.

Creators love it

“I have been so appreciative for what SoundCloud has done for current music to this day. And the fact that [SoundCloud is] gonna add comments on mobile? That’s lit!... It’s instant feedback.” – DRAM

“It’s really important to get feedback from your fans, so that you can know that they’re actually listening.” – Queen Naija

“It just makes you go harder because you see all of your supporters commenting on it [your track], and I like that it’s right there.” – Fat Nick

Listeners love it

Fans use the feature to give instant feedback and start a conversation directly with creators and fellow fans. The top comments on the platform are simple words of support like “Nice,” “<3,” and “Dope,” but true fandom is expressed with more colorful comments like:

“i want this melody to marry me” – on Billie Eilish’s Bitches Broken Heart.

“Thank you for the beautifully articulated odyssey” – on Blood Orange’s Do You See Something Through the Flames?

“FACE MELTER!!!” – on Flume’s Heater

Users can now open the SoundCloud mobile app, click the comment icon at the bottom of the full screen player at the exact moment in the track they’d like to leave a comment, click the “add comment” box, write their comment and click the orange arrow icon to send. Alternatively, they can reply to another user’s comment by tapping the user’s comment bubble, writing their reply and clicking the orange arrow icon to send.

The commenting feature begins rolling out to users today via the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

SoundCloud is the world’s most social music streaming experience, and the comments feature on mobile adds to the growing list of tools and features that help creators share and connect with their fans, and listeners to discover and share what’s next in music.  

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